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adidas Originals Superstan Advert & Key Visuals

adidas Originals Superstan Advert & Key Visuals

Combining the heritage sneaker Superstar with an equally iconic silhouette, the Stan Smith, adidas Originals presents the aptly-named Superstan.

The HYPEMAKER team creatively directed a playful film starring Stan Smith himself, shot on location in his home state of Florida.
Stan's tongue-in-cheek personality radiated as he narrated what it's like to be better known for footwear contributions over his tennis career.


Shooting the shoes was fun. We had to ensure the final key visuals highlighted the unique details of this sneaker hybrid.

Shoe key details
Composition to capture all key details

Everything was planned and practised before the shoot day, the balanced arrangement of the shoes, foot positions of the models, locations, shooting angles, camera lenses, and everything.


The shoe inspired the treatment for the film and key visuals, a split composition matching both the Stan Smith and Superstar personalities.

Outdoor layout experiment
Indoor layout experiment
Key visual mockup
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adidas Originals Superstan Advert & Key Visuals
adidas Originals Superstan Advert & Key Visuals

Director: Marie Schuller / RSA Films

Creative Director: Brendon DuVall

Senior Designer: Erlen Masson

Production Manager: Anna Carradice-French

Production Director: Tom Cantwell

Production Assistant: Hetty Yoxall

Designer: Vilde Tobiassen

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