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Havana Club and Skepta Pay Homage to Yoruba Culture

Havana Club and Skepta Pay Homage to Yoruba Culture

Havana Club joined forces with the lyrical champion and UK legend Skepta for an exclusive collaboration inspired by the brand's Cuban roots and Skepta's Nigerian heritage.

The campaign ran across and its social channels. With the photoshoot already captured in Havana, I was tasked the design and build a bespoke landing page, and social videos.

Design Treatment

I used a parallax effect on the photography to add engagement and movement.

I cut out the foreground objects, retouched the background, then added a subtle zoom with each layer moving at different speeds.

Retouched layers
Retouched layers

I used the same effect in the content hub. The photography layers move at different speeds as you scroll through the page, adding attention to the bottle and Skepta.



To highlight the unique design features of the label, they emerged separately, assembling as you scroll. I later made this an asset to be used across socials.

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Havana Club and Skepta Pay Homage to Yoruba Culture
Havana Club and Skepta Pay Homage to Yoruba Culture

Senior Designer: Erlen Masson

Creative Editor: Kevin Arulrajah

Producer: Bob Moir

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