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Nike DIA Style It Yourself Interactive Video

Nike DIA Style It Yourself Interactive Video

To support the launch of Nike Air Max Dia, HYPEMAKER created an interactive video experience. Titled "Style It Yourself", viewers can interact and influence the film's story and assemble an outfit before shopping the collection.

Building the experience

The video experience was challenging to create, so we had to keep it simple. The viewer gets three interaction opportunities, choosing their footwear, jacket and bottoms.

We divided the footage into four categories.

  1. First comes the main scene
  2. Straight afterwards, the interactive decision
  3. Then confirming the outcome
  4. After all the interactions, the video ends with the final outfit

After each decision, the timeline breaks into a new branch. In total, eight clothing combinations are possible.

Eight different possibilities

The timeline branches are then stitched together into one long timeline.

Once the viewer makes a clothing decision, the video skips to the relevant scene on the timeline, creating a seamless video experience.

Final Outcome

Nike DIA Interactive Video
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Nike DIA Style It Yourself Interactive Video
Nike DIA Style It Yourself Interactive Video

Senior Designer: Erlen Masson

Designer: Luke Brown

Creative Editor: Joe Iley

Production Manager: Anna Carradice-French

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