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Tristan Eaton FIFA21 Animated Mural

Tristan Eaton FIFA21 Animated Mural

For the launch of FIFA21, EA commissioned Tristan Eaton to create an indoor pitch mural themed around Lukas Podolski career.
The artwork is incredibly detailed, and my task was to produce an animated interpretation.

Each planet represents a step in Podolski's career, so I wanted to animate them individually and voyage through the artwork as if it was outer space. I teamed up with Multi-Platinum Producer Jacob Manson for the sound design, which transformed it completely.


The mural is also an exclusive jersey worn VOLTA game mode.

The pitch is located in Cologne, Germany at the Strassenkicker Base.

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Tristan Eaton FIFA21 Animated Mural
Tristan Eaton FIFA21 Animated Mural

Animation: Erlen Masson
Sound Design: Jacob Manson
Artist: Tristan Eaton
Producer: Chuck Gul

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